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"From Berlin, Germany, Jamida is an active and dedicated force in his local and international scene. Co-founder of the audio & visual project “valian kollektiv,” a previous host of ://about blank’s “Polymetrik” series, and active in Spartacus Kollektiv, Jamida passionately pushes inspiring projects to front audiences alongside like-minded artists. Working also in the field of sonic art installations and cinematic sound design, the diverse interests give a perspective to his vision through his music. 

With an ear for complimentary sounds, Jamida produces techno with a slight tribal bend to the deeper and atmospheric sounds. His most recent podcast with Monument jumps between contrasting styles, often including downtempo elements or hints of driving hypnotic techno. The result; a blend of exciting twists and turns of great track selection to keep the listener guessing for what’s to come!  

As his catalog grows on Harmony Rec. and other imprints with acclaimed releases such as “Isle of Mull,” Jamida will be introducing his co-founded label in the near future. Included in MNMT 299, Jamida shares 2 unreleased tracks from his forthcoming EP."

Katerina Maragou and Jeff Spector - May 20, 2021(Monument Magazin)



Jamida - Shelter (12"EP, FILE)




Jamida - Isle of Mull (12"EP, FILE)


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